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Hearing Aids in Lake Havasu City, AZ

We provide hearing healthcare services, hearing loss treatment, hearing testing & hearing aids in Mohave County, Arizona area, including Lake Havasu City, Parker, Bullhead City, Kingman, and Quartzsite.

At Cleartone Hearing Centers we have a passion for helping people hear their very best and for helping each individual reach their full hearing potential. We strive each day to provide you with optimal hearing care, based on your individual needs and preferences. Diagnosing and obtaining information and options to treat your hearing loss should not be stressful, we walk you through every step of your diagnosis and treatment to ensure you have a worry free experience.

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Hearing Aids

We carry the most popular models of invisible hearing instruments to help you hear your very best.

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Hearing Test

We will test your hearing to determine what sounds you’re hearing and which ones you’re missing.

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Hearing Protection

Custom fitted ear molds and ear plugs for swimmers, hunters, musicians and more.

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Individualized Care

Hearing Care Services

We specialize in advanced hearing technologies including hearing aids. Our audiologist teach children and adults with auditory disorders to listen and talk. Our goal is for them to communicate independently within the hearing-speaking mainstream for socialization, education, employment and life! We need to value our sense of hearing, preserve it, and take action it when it changes.

Hearing Care Services - Cleartone Hearing Centers
Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation - Cleartone Hearing Centers

Hearing Tests

Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation

We have extensive experience working with children and adults. Diagnostic audiometric testing, including testing for middle ear problems, is conducted in a sound test booth. We provide our patients with a review of the test results, hearing aid consultations, dispensing, verification and post-fitting counseling. Long term follow-up maintenance and adjustments are provided.