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Phonak Hearing Aids

We carry a full line of Phonak Hearing Aids. Phonak strives to help people with hearing loss enjoy the delight of hearing and live life without limitations. Owned by Swiss-based Sonova Group, Phonak products can be found in more than 100 countries around the world. Its United States headquarters is in Warrenville, Illinois.

Phonak Audeo Marvel - Cleartone Hearing Centers

Love at first sound

Phonak Audeo Marvel

Phonak Audéo Marvel focuses on what you expect from a first-class hearing aid – a clear, rich sound experience. Combined with modern technology it is a multifunctional hearing aid that conveys love at first sound.

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Phonak Audeo B - Cleartone Hearing Centers

The first ever lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid

Phonak Audeo B

Phonak Audeo B hearing aids were created to simplify your life and make hearing effortless. What makes Audeo B so special is its unique operating system called AutoSense OS. It senses your surroundings and adjusts your hearing aids every step of the way. All you have to do is turn them on, and the rest is automatic. And with the rechargeable Audeo B-R, you can now enjoy 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge.

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Phonak Bolero B - Cleartone Hearing Centers

Hearing aids that adapt to every sound automatically

Phonak Bolero B

Sound is all around and changes constantly depending on where you are. This is what makes listening a real challenge and the task hearing aids have to perform very complex. What makes Bolero B and Bolero B-PR so special is a unique operating system called AutoSense OS. It senses your surroundings and adjusts your hearing aids every step of the way. Just turn them on and the rest is automatic.

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Phonak Virto B - Cleartone Hearing Centers

World’s first hearing aids with Biometric Calibration

Phonak Virto B

Custom-made to perfectly fit in your ear, Phonak Virto B are the world’s first hearing aids with Biometric Calibration, which take your individual ear anatomy and hearing needs into account. The Phonak proprietary hearing aid modeling software measures and analyzes the unique characteristics of your individual ear anatomy. Identifying over 1,600 biometric data points, it then calculates the unique calibration settings for each Virto B hearing aid.

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Phonak CROS B - Cleartone Hearing Centers

Invisibility to explore life's rich soundscapes with confidence

Phonak CROS B

Phonak CROS B is based on Phonak Belong technology. When CROS B is fit with a Belong hearing aid, it enables you to hear sounds and voices clearly and follow conversations from any direction. Using Binaural VoiceStream Technology from Phonak, CROS B wirelessly transfers the sound from the poorer ear to the hearing aid on the better hearing ear. As a result, CROS B delivers much better speech understanding in background noise.

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